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Practical case

Real-time theft detection

Problem :

  • Reduce the shrinkage for brands over 3000m2 with dozens of CCTV cameras.
  • Real-time alert to identify and question suspicious individuals.


It is common for many brands to have high-performance video surveillance equipment but not to provide human resources to view video streams.

In this case, video surveillance is then only a way of checking the facts after the fact.

Theft detection was then done empirically by allocating a person who continuously viewed several dozen video streams at the same time over the entire period of the site's opening. In addition to the difficulty of the task, the staff must deal with fatigue, high concentration and the arduousness of the task.

The results are then often below the expectations of such a service and its cost.

historique détection de vol
analyse voleur

The Oxania solution:

Oxania's solution is based on the use of cameras already existing in the store to enhance the material by making it intelligent.

The cameras then analyze all video feeds in real time and detect suspicious actions that are happening in the field of view.

An alert containing the video scene is then sent within 10s to the Multiplatform application of the person in charge of security so that they can intervene quickly with, in addition, directly accessible video evidence.

Profits :


Reduce shrinkage in your signs. And make them safer.


Limit the cost of your products by minimizing shrinkage, by knowing and forecasting better your customer flows, their habits and their behavior.


Add value to your pre-existing hardware by using it proactively.


Decrease the workload of your staff and reassign them to other tasks.

But also reduce the arduousness of their work by only dealing with value-added tasks