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Practical case

Real-time fire detection

Problem :

  • Detect fire starts quickly and be alerted remotely


Fire detection is mainly done through the use of smoke detectors. These are then activated when a fire spreads and creates enough smoke for it to be detected by the sensor.

These sensors are reliable and are necessary for securing living spaces.

However, they only engage when the surrounding air is sufficiently saturated with smoke. They then emit a siren, a light signal but are only very rarely connected to a long-distance communication device to warn the owners in their absence.


The Oxania solution:

Oxania's solution is based on the use of cameras already existing in the store to enhance the material by making it intelligent.

The cameras then analyze all the video streams in real time and detect the outbreaks of fire.  : flames, smoke.

An alert containing the video scene is then sent to the Multiplatform application of the person in charge of security so that he can take the required security measures as quickly as possible.

Profits :


Be alerted even before your smoke detectors are triggered and take the lead before the fire gets out of control.


Add value to your pre-existing hardware by using it intelligently and proactively.