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Retail Solutions

An intelligent solution at the service of Retailers

Security and Management Solution

Enjoy the serenity of having a virtual agent viewing your video streams at any time with unparalleled efficiency.

Dedicated exclusively to the analysis of your CCTV cameras, our artificial intelligence is your remote monitoring and management agent personal for a price adapted to your needs.


The state of the art as a tool

Product of several years of studies in image processing, our solutions powered by artificial intelligence connect to your CCTV cameras to make them intelligent, capable of recognizing the gestures associated with the flight in real time, detecting behavior , dangerous situations, the customer journey and much more.

video for demonstration purposes with an actress

An exclusive Multiplatform application:

An exclusive application, for your uses, on all your screens:
Smartphone, Tablet, Browser and even cash register.

Receive your alerts in real time, manage your store with your fingertips thanks to the application Retail Solutions available on the stores:

a cross plateform application


Features designed to support you in the management of your brand, its management and security:



Real-time theft detection and automatic alerts in less than 10s


Detection of unauthorized people in your store during your absence


Detection of fires, even before the smoke spreads

Smart search

Search for suspicious actions a posteriori



Intelligent counting of people by day, time, gender and age group


Heat zone for customer journeys according to day, time, gender and age group

Much more to come

New features are in development

Functioning :

Retail Solutions

Oxania values:


Once installed, our solutions become transparent and alert you automatically.


Cutting-edge technologies at your service based on machine learning and deep learning.


All our data is stored on European servers that meet GDPR standards