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Automatic detection of road accidents and explosions
in real time

A state-of-the-art service to secure your roads and save lives .

Accident routier voiture en flamme

A few minutes are enough to save lives

“Delays in detecting accidents and caring for the injured increase the severity of injuries.

Time has a huge impact on the care of casualties after an accident: delays of just a few minutes can mean the difference between survival and death. » source WHO

Hard work

Road accident detection is done empirically by allocating a person who continuously views several dozen video streams at the same time . In addition to the difficulty of the task, the staff must deal with fatigue, high concentration and the arduousness of the task. Moreover, the results are often below the expectations of such a service.

It is also common to have high-performance video surveillance equipment but not to make human resources available to view the video streams.
In this case, video surveillance is no more than a way of checking things after the fact.

Agent de sécurité devant des caméras

OXANIA Secure Road
as a solution

Détection automatique d'un accident routier

In a few words

Our intelligent video surveillance solution is based on the best neural networks in the world to allow the automatic detection of road accidents and explosions in real time and notify you immediately .

Artificial intelligence monitors every video stream from your cameras. It analyzes the trajectory, collisions, explosions and makes the right decision at the right time .

Are you interested in this service?

Simple service

Give intelligence to your cameras


Connect your existing video surveillance equipment directly to our service.

Receive alerts automatically on your computer, tablet or smartphone .

Les différents dispositifs de contact


Save lives by being alerted in real time during road accidents and explosions.


Reduce the workload of road safety personnel and reassign them to other tasks.
But also reduce the arduousness of their work by only dealing with relevant videos.


Add value to your pre-existing material by using it proactively.

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