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Born from a desire to offer access toartificial intelligence for all, we constantly evolve to offer the best of ourselves.

Experts for more than 5 years in the artificial intelligence our goal is to push these new technological opportunities in their last entrenchments to propose software more human than ever ! !

By mixing several détection de poses, , intentions andactions we are able to make cameras intelligent, able to analyze, understand, recognize and act automatically!

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Un vol détecté dans un magasin
Secure Retail

Outils d'aide à la détection pour les commerces

Notre solution d'aide à la détection des vols inside retails
Détection automatique d'un accident routier
Secure Road

Road safety

Solution d'aide à la automatic detection of road accidents and explosions
Une ville connectée
Secure City

Security for Municipalities

Solution d'aide à la détection d'agressions, de violences et de dégradations
Une idée d'implantation pour votre industrie ?

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Once installed our solutions become transparent and alert you automatically.


State-of-the-art technologies at your service based on machine learning and deep learning.


All our data are stored on European servers meeting the standards of the GDPR

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