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Gesture Detection Associated with Theft

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Cutting-edge Technologies

With over 10 years in machine learning, we have created smart, modular software components that allow us to work on a multitude of issues, evolve with them, and with you.

Gesture detection associated with theft

The result of several years of development, our solutions for assisting in the detection of suspicious gestures support you in detecting and preventing these behaviors in real time.

  • Significantly reduce your losses related to shoplifting
  • Finally, make your video surveillance equipment profitable by using it proactively
  • Free your mind from constant vigilance

Business Intelligence Tool

Our solution relies on artificial intelligence analysis and thus revolutionizes people counting and attendance data analysis.
You then have precise and detailed insights for your business.

  • Adapts to various environments and specific needs
  • Blends into your existing infrastructure without complications
  • Easy to use for all skill levels

Designed for your needs

Discover an approach where every technological advancement is designed and implemented with a central mission: to serve and enhance your experience.

Our technologies are not just smart; they are intuitive, adapting to your needs for effective and discreet protection.


An easy-to-use tool for frictionless operation


Clear roles for better management of your data security

KPIs for better tracking

The Logbook allows you to track the progress of your site with relevant metrics and efficient record keeping

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